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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Squaring Up, Prep 2. Colour study and squared up painting start

As usual the colour sketch has the edge. The accurately squared up painting is mechanical at the start. Not sure if I can work well this way. However, painting is 3 hours old so far.

Next steps: trying to take on board the tutor notes to
* widen use of colour away from pastel
* build depth
* be alert to complexity of detail in the wrong places in the composition

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Squaring Up, prep overview 1

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Squaring Up

This is a sketch in colour of the ( landscape) photo taken in Morroco: squared up two and a half times as a practice.

Lost some confidence in use of colour so am trying out a colour study as part of the process.

The sketch is landscape with the blue line at the top.
Enjoyed the sketching and squaring up but not as much the paint.

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Scaling up- sketch re composition

Photo on side for some reason and cannot rotate with this App. Exploring a structure balance etc before tone/ colour

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Scaling Up sketches re composition, colour & fluidity

Pulling back even more to clarify structure without losing the essence

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Scaling Up - sketches for composition & colour

Exploring structure with some colour ideas for larger version

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Scaling Up - sketches for composition

Exploring the composition for less complex but effective structure re tutor comments

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Scaling up a photo - sketches for the composition

Deciding on the structure

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Exhibition notes- Picasso & Modern British Art: Tate Britain

The review in the Times by Rachel Campbell- Johnston, Feb 2012

Seven British artists " are represented at a formative moment....are so far from their finest work that they are almost disappointing."
Of Wyndham, Moore, Sutherland, Hockney and Duncan Grant, she says :

"The exhibition captures the excitement of that creative moment when two minds coincide with the forces that shunts one of them ( always the British one) off at a radical new tack."

This sounds like a must visit.

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The David Hockney exhibition : An OCA student group visit

Notes taken on paper capturing the tutor Voice also:


I note the direction of Hockneys paint strokes are uses extensively to create movement and texture as well as rhythm of leaves, trees, branches.

The proportion of his contrasting colours is hugely effective in dramatising, creating light and depth.

In AUTUMN TUNNEL, there is an absolute of purity of colour.

WOLDGATE WOODS, 21, 23 & 29 Nov 2006:

Clear working in the background colour washes and shapes in light colours
The light falls as colour. Not a redundant Mark.


Violet foreground road that corresponds to the colour the viewer sees in the video. Trees rhythm strong.

Tutor noted that H spent lots and lots of time SEEING
He has his paint mixed in the studio beforehand. 11 tones per colour for watercolour in jars. Uses sizes 35 and 50 Rosemary brushes in sable.

His greens stand in front of green.

Foregrounds are so very well observed and different : marks, tones, textures, shapes.


Many greens, blues for winter. Same brush but Tutor said he use round and flat brushes. An impressionist sky with such cleanness in the middle and foreground.


Glorious colour reds, oranges, etc : uses Total colour theory reverse.


Some impressive ink and charcoal drawing that translates into paint with remarkable innovative panache.

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Colour sketch for Drawing from a photo

Upscaling from

a photo is difficult to paint from. I am unsure about how not to become stylised using a photo without undertaking a colour studies now. This is the first go at a colour study twice the size of the original photo from a magazine.

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