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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sketch of a landscape based on style of the artist Iden

Used gouache and intense sticks to give a print effect. Photo on it's side.

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Portrait of model with artist

Having done quite a lot of sketches and substantial drawings towards the projects involving figure work, I feel more confident and the painting is going reasonably well so far.
Am finding that I work far better if swift and not laboriously because over painting deadens the painting.

Must remember to keep the whole painting going to keep balance, contrast and harmony.
Am also finding that keeping the brush strokes loose and tones and colours well matched that the visual statements are, paradoxically, more precise!

Am enjoying this work and the prep drawing ever since I have widened my language of drawing using the Mick Maslen book of contemporary drawing AND am working with a contemporary drawing group and several professional artists at The Lowry in Salford.

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Painting self portrait sitting at a table

Managed to get a sense of space by distancing and cooling the colour using lemon and light mauve tones to contrast the figure. Not easy to make a simple portrait interesting. At least the painting is going reasonably well and the brushwork is fresh. I am trying not to overpaint, to keep a sense of the initial idea, not widen the colour palette too much, whilst achieving sufficient contrast.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Contemporary drawing with a group

At The Lowry Gallery in Salford, led by a different professional artist each week. Excellent tuition. Process led with great insights Into how the artist works. Superb tips to take ones drawing further and trigger creativity!
Will upload soon.

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Self portrait for painting prep

Used two pencils simultaneously to draw this image, concentrated on marks that I like to redefine and say This is me.
Yes it works and is an interesting and contemporary drawing.

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Portrait using multiple lines, conte,wash,charcoal & pastel

I think that the dynamic marks and fluid washes layer but define the image for the viewer as the eye selects line and tone to follow to engage with the portrait

Successful. Stated well but not overstated.

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