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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Reflection on my painting of Lune river edge.

Lune river edge painting. Acrylic with pastel. Interesting that I feel that this painting speaks more to the viewer than those exercises undertaken for coursework. Is this because of the focus and passion I have for personal work. I have developed in terms of colour understanding as a result of the coursework but because of the content required, my paint handling has regressed.
There are improvements in paint handling now that I have returned to using oils.

Gouache landscape sketch

Cheshire plains

Tuscan patio drawing - conte, inks

Intention: to capture essence of Tuscan trees, shadow form and distance
With limited media to hand
One hour
Evaluation: would have sketched in charcoal tones to better effect

Landscape-acrylic with pastel

Striving to gain space and depth through colour
Reasonably pleased with colour shapes and pastel strokes to achieve the sense of space

Monday, 18 July 2011

Sketch of landscape forms.

I intended to study the colour shapes in this gouache sketch. The
colour seemed to take over. I get a sense of movement and although I
like the sketch it us not as intended originally.
What have I learned? Planning must not overide expression in my work, but if I have an objective in mind that I do not achieve then I need, if time is available, to pursue the same objective in further sketching.

Landscape -gouache colour

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Assignment 2 interior- looking out through doorway

Assignment 2

Painting the interior with light coming from a window and a doorway in a corridor was pleasurable. Having undertaken a study in charcoal then painted from direct experience, I found that painting in four hours easier than I believed and kept me focused on tonal values. Not complete but I am not going to add to it even though there are slight tonal differenvces that I could make.

The second painting looking out from a doorway proved more difficult. Whilst I could paint tones that I wanted to describe lighter and darker re the external view, I am finding the warmth of colour tone and the interior 'darkness' although daylight, more problematic . This maybe because my outside tones are too cold. Unsure. I have one hour remaining to paint so..... Need to think and look at other paintings before I tackle it.