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Theoretical Studies

Read the study text then had discussion with scientist and friend studying philosophy.
  • need to draw up study plan for reading and reflection on what learned
  • started reading 'The Eye and Brain' Gregory, 5th ed
Learned so far:
Light made up of tiny packets of energy that behaves like waves
Electromag' waves caused by changes in an electric field
 We see differentt colours because light made up of a range of wavelengths & frequencies
Visible spectrum forms small part of this range.
Email discussion from scientist informs me about wave particle theory. My posed question was:
If waves transfer energy without any matter being transferred, is the nature of wave(s) therefore 'packets of energy?  Following this I understand that everything is both a particle and a wave - wave particle duality theory. In the case of light the 'particles are called photons that behave as waves.  Light consists of quanta of discrete packets of energy so one cannot observe less that one photon of light. Hence a beam of light from a light source is a stream of many photons.

The interplay of light with objects materials etc in terms of refraction, reflection, shadow and colour is therefore dynamic.

Reflection - wave bounces off in all directions, Absorption - the energy goes into 'warming up' (not noticeable) the material so will not get through the material.  In some colours, there is a partial absorption.

This goes some way to explaining why colours behave as they do for my painting and mixing. Implications for placing colours too.

Need to read selected texts on lists and reflect further

Understand the cones and rods following a science lesson from colleague. The link between science and art is phenomenal.  Cones = accracy, colour, placed at the fovea of eye.  Rods = even distribution, respond to dim livght, night vision. The visual pigment in them is called 'visual purple'  Fascinating. REf: Advanced Biology' CJ Clegg 2000.