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Course Start Review

My Expectations

  •  I want passionately to see, interpret and transform my visual ideas & experiences into paint, with a reasonable degree of satisfaction and hopefully, over some years, some creativity.
  • I would love this course to improve my skills so that I have some compositional strengths, improved fluidity with a brush and the ability to mix and use tonal nuances well.

  •  Overall, I hope to incorporate other relevant media inc digital to engage the eye and speak out to the viewer
  • I will aim towards attaining degree level because I need the scaffolding to propel me forward and challenge my mindset!

My evaluation of my starting points:

  •  reasonably decent at figure drawing in pen and charcoal
  • better at figurative drawing than that for landscape
  • not good at composition nor mixing range of tones
  • frustrated by skill level with brush and paint including the handling of paint
  • love visiting galleries
  • confused at times but hugely excited by range of contemporary painting