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Diary of Progress

Oct 1 - Re-started my painting of Objects in an interior on plywood
Oct 2 - drawn up a paper plan for progress in coursework
Oct 2010 - Attended Tate Evaluation workshop run by Richard Liley
Studied 9 paintings. The 2 by Sickett had been moved by Tate curators and we could only see from a distance.
October 10 - Assessment 1 returned
Assignment 2 completed Jan 2011 but suspended work due to house move

Assignment 3 completed Aug 2011

Assignment 4 Current

June 11. Graduate shows 2011- Manchester MMU, in particular had a profound impact on my thinking and technique. Creative water colourist, a minimalist painter a la Hockney in an operating suite

Sept end 11. Sent in second 'assignment'
Feb 2012. Sent in third project assignment June 2012. Sent in fourth batch of work