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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Exploring colour on colour

Spent the afternoon exploring pastel colour on coloured paper:

1) using colour patches on a mid green background paper with a parallel set of colour patches on a white background
What a huge difference the green paper makes to the apparent intensity of the colour patches compared to those I did on the white paper.

2) I then repeated the same systematic use of colour patches but used complementary colours on a terracotta/ ochre coloured paper. Again this made a difference but it also depended on the colour hue used and tended to be predictable. ( results in sketch book )

What have I learned?

To ask my tutor if I have an important Q ( he said to explore all this when I asked if I would find it helpful). Boy did I find it helpful and will continue tomorrow.

That background colour with/ can/ may significantly enhance the colours/ tones used

Before undertaking a colour study, do some colour pairings etc

Next steps

Must look for 'ghost colour'

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Explored the work of several artists re vertical structure composition

Looked at works such as those of Rose Hilton, Ivon Hitchens, and others ( copies in sketch book) to see where two vertical lines work well for the main structure in their paintings. Rose Hilton uses this composition a lot for her interiors, views outside, painting from Life Drawings and Still Lifes.

Often the colour of the vertical components is used as a motif through the painting as in drama or music.

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Pastel sketch- studying tree shadows

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Location:Dean Bank,,United Kingdom

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Turps Bananas

Subscribed to the online version. Really interesting - especially reading about the working ideas of painters. Am taken by the narrative of working up to the final pieces as in the paintings of Peter Doigt.
Strikes me that widening my uses of media for my ideas is as important as drawing and I do get success by layering.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Studies of vertically and horizontally constructed compositions

In sketchbook, Dated Nov 8th 2011. Drawn out a DAVID BOMBERG landscape composition - to study the effect

Three Horizontal lines with echoes in tones that reflect and modulate with the strong and dynamic diagonals he is known for.
Broadly uses the 'thirds' sections but the patterning of the landscape ' latticework' creates strength and interest.

Sketch of a EUAN UGLOW painting, 'Nude with Dog' 1998, has three clear horizontal lines running through the picture with almost flat block colours.
It works as a powerful counterpoise to the angular prostrate figure linking through with the triangular shapes of arms and legs.

Having browsed through the works of Gauguin, Matisse, Sickert, and contemporary painters both landscape and portrait, it is so revealing how the subject itself demands the composition!
MATTHEW SMITH has barely any verticals and horizontal lines running through or even linking through colour because of the figurative expressiveness. DAPHNE TODD has lots of structural anchors in her portraits using windows, doors, curtains in a representational manner.

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Study of a Rose Hilton painting: Grey Still Life, 1998

Spent lots of time drawing out the composition of this work then undertaking a colour study so that I could see how the shapes and colours build the structure in such a pleasing way. It seems as though the artist has painted directly from the scene but is so experienced that the completed piece works so well

EVALUATION of my studies

I used pastel so the tones are not a match but It really helped to study how the colour shapes work

My pencil sketch of the structural lines and curves will help me define compositions for my work


Do a some studies of the work of Ivon Hitchens
Re look at my paintings to see where the composition works / does not work
Take on board tutor comment that I need to see from the spectators view

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