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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Exploring colour on colour

Spent the afternoon exploring pastel colour on coloured paper:

1) using colour patches on a mid green background paper with a parallel set of colour patches on a white background
What a huge difference the green paper makes to the apparent intensity of the colour patches compared to those I did on the white paper.

2) I then repeated the same systematic use of colour patches but used complementary colours on a terracotta/ ochre coloured paper. Again this made a difference but it also depended on the colour hue used and tended to be predictable. ( results in sketch book )

What have I learned?

To ask my tutor if I have an important Q ( he said to explore all this when I asked if I would find it helpful). Boy did I find it helpful and will continue tomorrow.

That background colour with/ can/ may significantly enhance the colours/ tones used

Before undertaking a colour study, do some colour pairings etc

Next steps

Must look for 'ghost colour'

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