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Monday, 7 November 2011

Study of a Rose Hilton painting: Grey Still Life, 1998

Spent lots of time drawing out the composition of this work then undertaking a colour study so that I could see how the shapes and colours build the structure in such a pleasing way. It seems as though the artist has painted directly from the scene but is so experienced that the completed piece works so well

EVALUATION of my studies

I used pastel so the tones are not a match but It really helped to study how the colour shapes work

My pencil sketch of the structural lines and curves will help me define compositions for my work


Do a some studies of the work of Ivon Hitchens
Re look at my paintings to see where the composition works / does not work
Take on board tutor comment that I need to see from the spectators view

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  1. The work of Rose Hilton can be seen on the website of Messums Gallery, Cork St, London