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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sketching from different angles in 4 tones

It does make a positive difference to the composition when one takes the time to reflect on angle, level and distance when selecting a viewpoint to sketch. Faster sketching does enable improved discrimination and more interesting shape(s) because I am forced to select quickly. I think this helps my hand-eye-arm agility too because I step back and look and re-look more swiftly, then match with the charcoal faster.

Sketch 1 too detailed and too many tones tight despite pulling back. Old habits and all that.
Sketch 2 diagonal angle, makes more interest. Slightly loser sketching but still more than 4 tones I think. Next steps- quicker, brief sketch?
Sketch 3 Much better -closer to 4 tones and just below eye level seems to draw viewer in well
Sketch 4 Again closer to 4 tones and fairly interesting

In two A3 sketches (5 and 6 )I have concentrated on tones to hone in on requirements more precisely with some success (where I've used tiny shapes of the darkest tone.) Have managed to veer away from detail better than in prev. ones. Next steps- must try using the sides of charcoal to achieve a tonal drawing without lines.

Sketch 7 Much better and I think I have achieved the 4 tones reasonably and I could take out the lines completely here.

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