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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Optical mixing & Inducing Colours

Stage 1 Main findings:

Lem yell with cer blue mix optically to merge into a light bright green when dots are about 1cm apart- much less occurs when the dots are wider/separate.

Ultra mar blue & cad yell:

no merging preceived despite greater/smaller numbers

Reds & yellows:

Reds & blues:

Stage 2- Inducing colours
The red cross induces a complimentary green cross shape when placed on a neutral grey background. In addition, a distinct green hue surrounds the red cross above.

Stage 3- What have I achieved?

Much improved understanding of colour definition, placement of colour(and proportional areas) and how these positively affect the viewer and other painting components.
Understand now the precise control of paint, flat opaque colour and the need to study the effects

Can mix colour with hugely improved accuracy and continuing to explore the tonal charts, and with black and white

Realise the need to re-read the text and outcome od mixing excerciese

Have more colour 'tools' to resolve painting issues

More prepared to work more fluidly and spontaneously

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