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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Contemporary painter Charlotte Sorapure

Went to see her solo exhibition at Messums before it closed on 31st Mar. I wasn t going to bother but I failed to get a ticket to see the Lucien Freud exhib on the day.
So pleased that I went along. Her painting is just exquisite in brushwork, colour, range of tones and beautifully chosen contrasts. Unfortunately, the catalogue has dark repros and doesn't do her work any justice.

I wanted to see a contemporary working artist and in particular the composition. Her composition is so good that the eye is drawn in and swept up with the musicality of the colour shapes and marks. What a treat. Would love to own one of hers.
Interestingly, her drawings are fine and precise, not in tone notes but in delicate sometimes ethereal almost spiritual drawings that lead to painting composition so well. The rhythm of the paintings are seen in the drawings.

Cause for reflection indeed.

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