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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Inspiration from Fine Art degree show

Viewed the Manchester Uni Fine Art show which included painting. Amongst the fairly usual work and portfolios, there were two outstandingly beautiful and thought provoking painters. One painted portraits in water colour using minimal strokes, delicately powerful in execution. Awarded annual prize.
The second painter - in oils, was phenomenal . Her series of images in operating rooms demonstrated huge creativity, technique and ambiguity. Placed both works in mind and kept catalogue. this second artist has recognition at BP Nat Portrait Award this year with a portrait in renaissance like glazes. Clearly her conceptual, technical and creative talents are to look out for in the future

I noted the smoothness and precision of paint
No redundant paint strokes
Opacity where needed
Perspective often hinted at rather than overly drawn
Tonality used sparingly as is perspective to create space, depth, and a sense of spirituality or universal in scope
Emotional impact to the viewer is massive,
The images promote questions, searching, are tantalisingly ambiguous
Research and drawings are very evident in pre work so one can track the idea developments
Often the choice of colour counters expectations - ie blue mass in foreground. Red shelters behind a black band to keep it

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