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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Research- interiors

Study of Sickert's 'La Hollandaise'. oil on canvas. 1905 Collection Peter Shand-

To the left of the viewer's eye, past the reclining nude, where the light flows from the right, the eye is drawn diagonally along the figure via highlighted paint strokes into a further interior. Tones of greens in this space are lighter than the dark wall behind the figure in the main room.
Shadows, toned in browns of vertical and horizontal shapes echo the bars of the iron bed.
Colours link though the painting deceptively, linking the areas of space and the two interiors. Note the angular shape of the highlight at the top of the step. There is even a shimmer of highlight on the door jamb. Three or four increasingly warmer brown, ochre, plus a touch of cad red perhaps add to the perspective, also reflecting the horizontal bed bars.

What have I learned? see sketch below.
How the tones and shapes describe perspective as well as the ambience of an interior,
How these strokes interlink the foreground and receding space
That the paint strokes both dark and highlights reflect those on the figure subtly

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