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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hockney book- A Bigger Picture

Not seen the exhib yet but am going with the tutored group on 14 Feb.
Interesting to read the book/ catalogue in advance. I find the use of large blocks of colour quite dynamic in some paintings. They challenge expectations of where colour 'should' be placed. Wonderful.

In the large Winter Timbers 2009, oil on fifteen canvases, fhe colour is fascinating. Violet foreground, blue trees ( aqua m. with White mix) mid ground GREEN with a rose colour band that sings against the ice blue pale sky. Logs in tones of ochre and cad yellows with touch green.

Certainly grabs attention. Patterned foregrounds evident in plenty of his work on the Wolds. H picks up on patterns of foliage, as well as the greater pattern and landscape rhythms. Love the colour.

He uses few tones, rather perspective and pattern to delineate distance.
Uses pink and brown, dark oranges for the mid band of the landscapes as in A Closer Winter Tunnel, Mar 2006

Clear that he ('sees) the natural patterns of the scapes, as in Looking East 2006. Here the horizontal structures are beautifully drawn and patterned against 'candelabra' hedge growth purple branches and tiny green shoots.

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