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Saturday, 25 February 2012

practical composition- the flexible approach

Painting with the flexible dynamics of composition that has a strong directional force running into and out of the painting.
Started outdoors on the Sandstone Trail at the well know spot called 'Peckforton Gap' November end winter sky with red sunset flooding the sandstone trail.
I think the composition works but I have found that without undertaking preliminary studies, relying on the initial thin paint was fine for the composition at first, but much less so without the information I needed for the tonalities. As a result, the colour shapes are too glib in places as I grappled with balancing the composition establishing a mid ground.

What have I learned?

My strategies are developing somewhat. I constantly look at compositions of other artists work, In particular, I have started to sketch in the proportions colour shapes from their work.

The planned approach to composition is better for me because the scaffolding created for a painting from my studies make it easier and less problematic to take the painting forward. The spontaneous approach is pleasurable but I should it would be successful only with experience.

Considering the underlying 3 dimensional geometry of my two paintings, it occurs to me that both have a triangular composition, though in different ways. However, the figure painting is too near the top edge, and one cannot extend as on paper! The triangular point is beyond the rectangle.

Learnt to draw out the intended composition in thumbnails then if there are problems, I have found that tracing paper has helped a lot.

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