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Sunday, 19 August 2012

1. The Turner Monet & Twomby exhibition at Tate Liverpool

Visited on Fri 18th Aug 2012. This I found to be a beautiful exhibition, with resonances through time, the artists' vision and techniques that revealed a shared interrogation of with light in particular.
I'm simply going to record my emotional response to these paintings because in some moments I was elated and in others, I was taken aback or intrigued.
The paintings of Monet I thought I knew well. Not so. Clearly just the illustrations! The risk taking use of colour such as Alzarine crimson with cad yellow and several green tones was startling. What was amazing was the way that these same colours resonated through the Twomby paintings AND harked back to Turner.
And I though the work of Turner was mainly browns, yellows, greens and black. But in the real, and compared to Monets, one finds oneself checking out these same colours!

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