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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sketchbooks and notes Lanyon - Tate Modern visit

The layers and layers of sketches and structural drawings of the St Ives artist, Peter Lanyon amazed me in their depth of intellect, creativity and precision. Also, the media is simple - usually pencil marks. The sketches are on an entirely different level to most those of most painters because the tour-de-force of composition interpolates and carries the complex ideas and messages. Nothing is redundant in any sketch. The painting finale I was drawn towards: 'Porthleven' 1951, Tate Modern, is powerful and difficult to 'see,' more muted in colour than I expected but again hugely powerful. The abstraction from the landscape scene(s), and relationships of form and colour are precisely tuned. It astounds me. Bought book about him. Can't wait to read it. Must buy book of his drawings next.

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