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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Think Time - Intensity of colour experience

Well the next project is a colour study for a painting. Instead of my usual aplomb and delight at starting a new subject, taking out the white space then lightly drawing in the subjects, I find that I am at a loss. Studying colour theory, rather than trial and error with the palette, has made a significant shift in my approach.

I am looking at the colour research, colour harmony, complimentary colour charts etc and playing with colour mixes. I keep dipping into the books re Seurat, Matisse, et al, then browsing my repertoire of catalogues of contemporary paintings too. Started pairing proportions of colour mixes on paper as well.

Not ready to start so quickly now. A classic learning experience where I've gone several steps back so that I can go forward. Maybe by Tues or Wed I will have mooted my palette possibilities.

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