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Monday, 23 August 2010

What have I achieved- Project 2

Viewpoint chosen: have read a lot since I chose the viewpoint and seen several exhibitions. I would change the viewpoint now because I would re-consider the negative spaces. I think now that I have simply painted in a drawing of the subject. I did try out different viewpoints - see sketches.

In addition I would use larger brush strokes and consider when to use saturated colour and when to mix tones somewhat more. I tend to paint intuitively and the trial and error produces frustration as I want the paint marks to link in structurally rather than describe what I think is there. So why have I produced local colour. (technique limitation)

Found the 4 tones drawing difficult. The final drawing is closer to 4 tones but it took 7 sketches to get there. If I got there. Less accurate, yes but better as an initial painting study perhaps.

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