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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Evaluation of final assignment 2 : Townscape

This was fantastic to do, even if the result is just ordinary and very 1950s as a painting.
I just learned such a lot. This is why:
I set out with a burnt umber colour ground, studio painted, then used pastel to draw out Townscape shapes. I did get the background, foreground tones a little too close I know and with more time, I would take back the distances in tone a little as I found that the composition didn't work as strongly as I wished. I had intended that some of the verticals would have been stronger but it didnt happen. Should have kept to the thirds structure.
Because I could only carry paper this size to Liverpool docks on the train and not a board (Shoulder damaged) at least I could cut off some foreground and will reduce the sky when mounting painting to make the composition strong.
Juxtaposing colour shapes was a real pleasure! Am going to return to the Docks with an ambitious project some and hopefully sketch on the Tate upper windows.

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