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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Evaluation of final assignment: Atmosphere

As I was in Italy with space, views and climate to paint, I decided not to paint an indistinct figure or view clouded with atmospheric paintwork but rather a painting with an atmosphere of the imaginative, possibly mysterious.
I was luck enough to stay as a guest at a castle with spectacular views across to a hilltop village. In the evenings, the staff would chase away the wild boars from beneath the garden walls so there were lots of possibilities.
I know that there is a huge difference between painting from drawings and sketches that open up possibilities and pathways but I wanted to try out a narrative painting that drew one into the painting. After all the assignment is Expressionism!
I also wanted to paint using dark tones counterpointed with the warm hues of the stones. Seems to work.
The sky part is not quite completed. Composition is fairly balanced and seems to work from all angles because of the blue brown colour intensity I think.

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