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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

David Bomberg

Studying his work from the Abbotts Hall Gallery, (Kendal) catalogue of the exhibition 'Spirit in the Mass' 2006 helps me to see that the balance of shape and fluidity of fresh brushwork colour is critical.
Am using his work to take a refreshed look at my landscape paintings so that I can build from a good coloured ground en plain.
Work looked at includes, 'Evening in the City of London' 1944 'Trendine in the Sun, Cornwall' 1947 and 'Farm by the Sea in Cornwall' 1948

Part of this evaluation and move forward is the confidence step to work with this knowledge of Bomberg, skills learned and emotional response to the landscape. My problem is over control. I need to use a longer brush, even if outdoors.
It would be easier to just complete in the studio but so much of the spirit of the place would be lost.

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