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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Waterscape Project 4

I have really enjoyed the visual research sketching water. Because I was near the sea,I decided to take the plunge.Ha! I have never painted the sea before and it was a great challenge.
I wanted to capture the connections between the waves, the ridges that push and pull other wave along. This painting represents the strong connecting waves from the cliff edge at Point Lynas in Anglesey, North Wales.

I also wanted to paint the swell and capture a little of the depth revealed as waves lift and thrust onwards in one direction from the land.


Really pleased but lots more studies needed. I need to go to the sea again. I found sketching on the edge invigorating. Interesting that my best figure drawing has been moving figures and I loved trying to capture the moving waves. Getting the right colour for space and swell was hard and I know it's not perfect.... More to do.

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