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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Project 1 Associations Pg 207

Interesting to try out coloured grounds other than those I have used eg: blue
It makes a huge difference as the optical effect is remarkable if one is careful with the later paintwork.
Having spent a lot of time looking for shapes when I draw or paint, expressive brushless painting is experiential for me. Not sure yet if I have the effect I want but I do love the feeling of the paint using fingers. I also love using a card or sponge though I prefer to be sparing with these rather than profligate!
Need to add acrylic medium to engage further with the expressive qualities of the paint than with the subject.... Must try.

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  1. Evaluation notes
    I found that using other tools interesting but frustrating because I could not obtain the effects I wanted using this method. Having seen lots of Expressionist paintings over the years Inc the Edvard Munch, My attempts are very amateurish partly because It s not the intensity of response I need but the space and time to respond accordingly through paint. I need to feel the paint and colour and watch it talk to the experience through pencil, paint detail and layers.