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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Project 1 Associations p 207 ladder and bear

14 hours- half way through project.

Hard to paint something one feels rather than sees. I do love the handling of paint and using esoteric tools.

Having chosen to go large, very large for me, the use of hands and fingers was expressive and quite emotional. It may not be for me in the long term as I like a narrative and I felt that attempts at this touch/ feel project where emotion governs, is releasing but a task rather than a love.

Have changed the palette to a burnt umber and earth colours as I don't want the objects to be too warm or overly sympathetic.
Need some acrylic thick impasto to develop the feel rather than the spacial.

Better than expected so far. Uses lots of paint. Got space in it, not enough emotion or drama. needs contrasts as well as harmony.

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  1. Evaluation

    Not a great outcome overall. I would paint better with a precise and attentive drawing in paint to start over a coloured canvas, possibly green mid colour
    I like the paintwork on the flowerhead only and will cut this canvas down and frame perhaps. Taught me a lot about what I do not enjoy in Expressionism.