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Monday, 20 September 2010

Moving on from the colour study

Drawing the interior is relatively easy in comparison to making colour decisions. The more I read about colour the more decisions are to be made. Also, having scrutinised another Ivon Hitchens Still Life - 'Flowers in a Vase' 1935 Oil on canvas, on a visit to Manchester City Gallery, I was intrigued by the colour selection, the proportions and the positions on the canvas. In particular, lemon yellow and dulled lemon yellow (no image located yet though I have a study in my sketchbook.) The paint marks are gestural, incredibly well positioned and there are no redundant areas of colour or brushmarks; all of them are as integral to the composition as the emerging vase, water and flowers.

I can see this and it has made me start re-defing my colour study. I need to do some small colour studies to made confident headway ... or I could just start and be intuitive.

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