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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Reflection time and spontaneity

Improved use of colour mixing because I took lots of time to read and try out mixing tones. I also started another painting (not for course studies but for pleasure and to move forward using refreshed skills)

As a result I was able to spot and use tones in the colour study to resolve an area that did not work. I keep browsing the texts -Itten et al, as well as Wilcox for further support. Very valuable indeed.

Also am trying out using pieces of birch plywood as a support. Will be interesting as I have only used canvas and paper previously.

The visit to see the Auerbach really changed my use of brush and I feel more relaxed with the paint though this is tempered by practical working methods and brush sizes I use: Need to buy some larger ones from DIY (those purchased load too much paint). Using larger supports too - working on a metre by metre (for a landscape) and larger rectangles are prepared with gesso for next steps. With my personal painting, I feel almost at the point of using paint as I have in the past- with the paint marks, the areas and the meanings in space.

So what are next steps?

Course work:

  • Prep a work plan so that I move on towards completing 2 assessment stages for the next sending in date (if possible)
  • Prep how to organise painting notes and continuing tone charts into a usable file or notebook
  • Read ahead so that resources are ready
  • Set out what I want to achieve smartly before I start a project so that I evaluate against these benchmark and those of tutor.
  • Upload images now that OCA has completed transfers

Personal painting:

  • Visit Edinburgh to see Nat Gallery and Contem Art Gallery to scrutinise colour and brushwork of artists such as Eardley, Glasgow Boys etc and today's painters (esp to see where flat opaque colour is used with textured paint in same pieces or flat colour is used dynamically)
  • start layering the recent landscape when composition is sound
  • change lighting daylight source from Velux as the top down light makes less shadow.

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