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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Red Pepper sketch

Pencil for first time for ages
Enjoyed the pleasure of using different pencils and went to buy wider range.
Tones a bit darker than image.
Highlights could be better. Improved on my attempt in 2009 when I was all over the place with charcoal.
Read in 'Art and Illusion' by Gombrich, how Constable used approx a 2B pencil for a landscape sketch then two years later he did the same scene in a darker rougher pencil. The difference is remarkable and quite exciting. But then I have to ask myself, why am I doing this when the gradations of the Masters is huge - in drawing and painting. Am I doing this is widen my skills? How does it contribute to my creativity? One cannot run before walking but for example, collage can say more in tone and message. Maybe it just adds to the repertoire and therefore contributes to creativity in the long run.

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