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Friday, 10 September 2010

Viewing Bomberg and Auerbach

This made a difference to my colour study start together with the Hitchens painting in the study text. I trawled my art books as well for paintings where the paintwork/colour and the proportion of area (of colour) created space but not necess. figuratively. Fascinating. I do remember trying to paint using colour shapes to do this but not as freely. More in the manner of the painter Keith Vaughn. His colours were those of 'pigeon shit' - pardon the expression but an accurate phrase.
As a result of my gallery visit and the browsing, my colour study was more spontaneous and enjoyable to do.

Next Steps:
Must re-look at colour used after short reflection time, not be tempted into detail. Big picture.
Upload image
When OCA back online, will place links from Bridgeman to remind me.

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