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Friday, 10 September 2010

My visit to Abbots Hall galleries

I couldn't paint yesterday. Was stuck. Went to see the tiny exhib of a few St Ives School painters in Kendal. It was good to see some in the flesh. But the wow factor came when I spotted the original Frank Auerbach of a nude. (perm collection of Abbot Hall) So powerful to stand back from. (Write up and thumbnails in sketchbook)
Came back and started painting. Made me more aware of the freedom that can occur with paint and brush, making the 'description' clearer and more intense than a 're-drawing in paint' effect.

Next steps:
Will paint more freely and have more colour on brush.
Will try out some large arm movements with brush on newsprint to release any tension and enjoy the paint
Will stand further back

Will browse reference colour charts as well as other painters for 'space' created by colour.

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