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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Evaluation of painting recently

Haven't enjoyed painting at all this year and lost my passion. This is mainly because I find the subject matter or probably my interpretation of the project subjects, uninspiring. Yet I am very inspired when I see paintings in exhibitions and watch artist work. Instead of working at how to inject some passion for the form and indeed acrylic paint, I just put my head down and did the tasks whilst trying to 'do my own painting on the side'

It didn t work. In fact I did some of the worst paintings I have ever done even though I have a degree in art and have inspected art in schools for years. So I have had to ask myself why?

Here's my reflection

I chose the wrong course because I thought I would need the scaffolding of deadlines and some theory re colour.
I realise that I need to work with other artists as is evident from my work in workshops
Process work is strong when I work in an exploratory way and widen media use even if discrete , such as print work
I dislike using the plasticity of acrylics on their own and work well in a mixed media painting environment
The electronic log is OK but limited in a tactile look- back way so I tend to use my own folder of things, ideas and images that I might use later.

So what's next? How do I trigger an impetus and redirection? See next post
As I do not want to lose text so far.

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