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Friday, 22 June 2012

Project 3 Using photographs. 7 or 8 hrs page 183

This was an especially interesting but frustrating project for me. Never used a photograph other than for a grouped set of figures so it felt quite odd.

It took ages to find a photo of the dimensions to scale up.
No problems scaling up and I just loved doing the prep drawings and colour study work

I chose the landscape of Morocco because this is the place and view that I liked and spent some time so I know the climate, colours, atmosphere etc

No probes with the sketches, a little with the composition because the photo was small already.

Because the task stated that one could use ones imagination freely (page185) and not to copy the photo, I felt that yes I could let the painting develop a life of it's own. But I desperately wanted to keep the first consciousness of the idea as Sutherland noted.

I got tied up with accurate up scaling from the image at first even though I know how to do it. Once resolved I painted a colour study in gouache as I fell confident that freshness is captured in this medium for me.

But I couldn't obtain the same effect or colour with acrylic so had to leave it and return some weeks later with a fresh eye!

I down scaled the image from my original plan and as a result it worked far better. However, I painted beyond the scale as seen on the painting because the dimensions worked better.
Still like the colour study better. It has the essence of the of the place even thought the green is flat. It does represent the morrocan green though not in a painting as well which is why I lifted the tone in the acrylic on board.
Good to do this work and I learned a lot. Do not enjoy work from photos though. I find them only useful as after sketch memos. No soul except in exceptional ones!

The red layer is at the base of the painting. Cannot rotate on iPad !

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