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Friday, 22 June 2012

Project 1 painting from working drawings 7 hrs

This work began in Feb following previous tutor report but because the tutor found my log hard to follow, I am simply making further evaluative comments to add to earlier blog

I enjoyed this project work, and especially line drawing and the colour studies which helped me to work out what worked reasonably well.

Briefly, I focused in on an outdoor scene and used a section of my photo.
Looked carefully at Sickerts paintings of which I have a great book. What I find interesting is that some artists part from original drawings and Sickert sticks to drawings
I made a tonal study with focus on shape and the relationships between these and the resulting forms in particular.
Was looking for these elements in particular and the need to concentrate on colour - to interpret it vividly as noted on page 174

Although I enjoyed the process, the first flush of the painting with reverse tonality worked better than the final painting result.
I learned such a lot from this painting prep though. In particular, to sort out the colour and tonal range really well and keep to the dynamic refreshing frost flush of paint!
Knowing how to increase the sizes proportionally is a real help too.

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