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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Project 4

Spent an hour post an evaluation of this painting project this morning, saved it to a local draft so I wouldn't lose it if the wireless signal wavered.
I lost the whole lot.
Here is my second attempt! But I'm posting it in bite size chunks this time!
This is the first drawing in tone with pencil. Rather uncommunicative as a slightly formal dur drawing. OK as an initial prep for painting but interestingly, I did this drawing a couple of months ago and my drawing range, Mark making and exploration has wiener and improved.
I wouldn't do the same drawing as a painting prep now. I would explore line, tone, other media much more fluidly and not be precious. I would also know a lot know about what I need to do a decent painting. In fact I wouldn't do this painting ( except for this course) I would do a section, a pattern, something more meaningful!

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  1. THis is actually PROJECT 1 page 194 not project 4