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Friday, 22 June 2012

So how do I move forward following my self evaluation?

Probably do more experimental drawing as it frees the arms, hand and takes forwards the seeing process. Might do Chelsea college of art summer experimental drawing 3 day course

Not enjoying painting in acrylics though fine when using mixed media.
I cannot get fluidity with acrylics even with the added fluid medium.
Also the projects with figures ares not good for me in paint. If I could paint with Mixed media or just gouache, I would be on cloud nine. Maybe I should just do that!

I like the recommended artists sent by tutor Richard Liley and can see how the paintings work so well. My next steps are to learn how to get the transparent effect to overlay paint so that one can see the paint beneath as in These paintings ( not got names with me) will post later.

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  1. Tried drawing the garden layout in sketchbook so that I might work on a painting in this style as a help. Dodge the sketches, next step colour study!!