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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hiccup! Please re-reference all Project 4 posts as PROJECT1 page 194

Just discovered this mistake on going across to my studio. Have no wi-Fi
There so I have to run across to upload! And then one gets drawn into house stuff as the man, the dog or the cat see me as a target.

So project 1- figure at a table
Have tried to relate the figure to the surrounds naturally, thought a lot about relating the colours in the painting and especially to keep it simple.
I know that I could use a wider range of tones to deepen the perspective etc also tried to sit the figure in weight terms on the chair.
Have looked at Sickerts interiors with figure again and am always stunned by the preciseness of the tones and strokes yet fresh, bold, irreplaceable marks!

No this painting is not finished and I should take it further but I need to sit back and reflect on tonality and what would move the painting on so that there are few redundant brushstrokes but well chosen ones ( and limited detail)

So what have I leaned here?

Notes and studies especially colour ones are critical for me.
My problem is too much over painting and sometimes re- selection of colour to balance etc. Getting better though as the amount of prep is carefully set out to good effect.

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