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Friday, 22 June 2012

Project 2 Developing a shorthand page 177- 7 or 8 hrs

In the past I haven't made colour notes made that have been useful but this time, maybe because I was more focused, they really helped together with the numbered tones.

I think this was because I had a painting in mind. Chose a Sunday morning newspapers and tray on the bed quilt!
Having made too many tonal notes in the past, to no specific end, I kept these simple and focused on the shapes and knew that I couldn't refer back to the scene as the task set out.
No shading used in the drawing and oh my goodness this really helped! Numbering tones made me LOOK and SEE more precisely. Loved doing this process. Did a tad shading for crease around tray but the emphasis on the shapes and forms with the numbered tones worked so well in teaching me the HOW and adding to my repertoire.
So, the pattern and rhythms came to the fore rather than me struggling with the colour proportions as I usually do.

No it's not a great painting but it taught me to select and the correspondence in size from drawing to painting was a solid learning opportunity for me. I used paper as I felt it was an exercise and didn't want to be precious.
I kept the paint statement simple and it worked much better than usually.
Can translate colour shape into paint better now and I have learned how to prep drawings for painting in profitable ways.

I know that the paintwork is harsh and incomplete but it tells a good story of the learning process for me so I need to keep the end result as it is now.
I will be able to move paintings on more quickly and successfully now because I have these prep skills

Pleased with the process definitely! Might do another version on canvas but smaller.

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